International Business Meet

The International Business Meet 2023 is a popular event among the young entrepreneurs and is in its first edition. Last time in the corporate night more than 100 ++ attended the event, who were top politicians, business personnels and young entrepreneurs. But this time, we are expecting around more than 60 international delegates and National business organisations will be part of this event because we have already shown international delegates a vision to grow together for FDI and our president has been part of Asia Pacific Conference where he has invited even more international delegates for this event and they have shown interest to invest in Nepal. In addition, international business personnels have also shown interest in expanding the business in Nepal through selling their products and services.

We have come a long way, but we need your participation to glorify the grand event International Business Meet 2023, the details of which are mentioned as follows.

  • Event: International Business Meet 2023
  • Date of the event: 2nd of September 2023
  • Objective: Expatriates, Embassies, JCI members, National and International Business personnels
  • Expected audience: 500 +

We aim for the following:

  • Development of youth Entrepreneurship and International Business Exchanges.
  • Development of Tourism in Nepal.
  • Introducing Nepal as an International Hub for Information Technology, Architecture and Engineering.
  • Green Industries such as Information Technology, Tourism, Engineering Services from Nepal.
  • Promotion of Local Products such as Tea, Coffee, Handicraft.
  • Highly skilled and highly Paid Job opportunities for youth of Nepal.
  • To uplift the Nepalese economy through international business.
  • To invite investment, FDI in the field of energy.
  • To promote international businesses in Nepal by finding a suitable market of their products and services.

Event Schedule

Screenshot 2023-07-03 130656

Note :
● Different stalls will be outside of the hall
● Japanese and Nepalese cultural themed event and Product Exhibit stalls

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